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buy custom American Law essay

buy custom American Law essay Hi because I tried to communicate earlier, I have not been able to get your feedback, I have decided to upload this work although it is not so very complete and has not tackled the requirements. Kindly allow me more time so that I can upload you the completed work tomorrow. Thanks in advance for your understanding. Despite the fact that our world is growing at an extensive rate and in many dimensions, we also have to confess that this adjustment is coming with its own load of setbacks. The modern world comprises a number of innovations and technical ideas which have gained an extensive use in many a fraternity. This implies that the use of technology and the incorporation of modern innovations and ideas have found its use in almost all aspects and areas of life. Some of the most commonly touched areas include; the industries, the business fraternity, the sport, education as well as the music fraternity. The incorporation of innovative and current ideas has brought a lot of bliss and hence improved effectiveness in these fields. However, the fact that some of these high profile provisions are at the dispensation of certain individuals has led to the existence of avenues of crime (Zuckoff 2005). By taking advantage of positions as well as the ideas that an individual may have above the others, people have taken part in a number of high profile crimes. Such crimes committed by people of high status in the society are referred to as white collar crimes. Much of this could have been handled in the other cases although revisiting it can help lay an emphasis on what will make the subject of discussion in this case. Both white collar and corporate crimes have become common in our countries today. A number of things might be attributed to the rise in this occurrence yet the most vivid one can be linked to the advancement in technology and improvement in several sectors. Each of these in a unique way has given room or appropriate platforms for the criminals to go about their conspiracies using the easiest channels without being noticed. The emergence of White collar crimes has brought about a number of effects both to the society and to the world at large. This explains why carrying out studies and research related to such crimes is a vital approach which can then be manipulated to come up with the right if not effective solutions to these problems. In line with that, this work shall comprise a detailed analysis of certain issues revolving around a famous white collar criminal; Lou Pearlman. While exploring some of his deeds in line with these criminal activities, a number of factors will be discussed and outlined. Each of these aspects will all go a long way in giving a better picture of the effects of white collar crimes, for instance how they get to cost the individuals and the society as a whole. At the same time, some tacit solutions will be outlined and these can be used as starting points which can be applied in a bid to avoid repetition of such criminal occurrences. Before moving to give a deeper detail of some of the activities that this criminal got involved in, it is vital to give a brief overview in line with the aspect of a Ponzi scheme. It is more than notable that the individual was sentenced for a long period of time. This can only trigger the equal conclusion that the magnitude of this crime was not a mere thing to go by let alone overlook. So what is a Ponzi scheme? It can be described as an illegal operation in the field of investment in which separate investors are paid their returns through a weird form of channel. The interesting part of it all is that the payment of the investors does not arise from any specific profit but the organization handles it. The organization does this either by using their own money or by using the money paid to them by the subsequent investors (Zuckoff 2005). This scheme has a unique way of luring the investors, for instance, they are offered the kind of returns that other investment companies cannot. These may be in form of returns obtained on a short time basis. The intriguing feature of these returns is that they are usually abnormally high or perhaps consistent in a unique manner. In order to achieve the effective perpetuation of the returns advertised by a Ponzi scheme, there is need for a continuous flow of money. At the same time, there should be an ever increasing trend in this flow especially from the investors as this is the sure way of keeping the scheme going. Due to the fact that the earnings in this scheme are usually less than the payments, the system is usually destined to collapse. When it does, the master minds get lost with the money hence resulting in huge amounts of losses. Such losses are usually incurred by investors who got involved or rather were enticed into it causing them to take part without having an idea of what the end has in store. This is one example of a high profile white collar crime which involves the flow of large amounts of money through underground channels and away from the noses of legal authorities. Due to its immense nature, it gets to reach a point when the business done within spills over to the public. In most cases, this happens once the criminals have disappeared with the investors money hence (Dunn 2004). They are then reported by the victims in a bid to reverse the loss. The scheme is therefore interrupted by the legal authorities before its collapse. This is done when an anomaly is suspected in an investment process for instance a situation where a promoter sells unregistered securities. The above information therefore explores the contents if a Ponzi scheme hence we now have an idea of what Lou Pearlman involved himself in. The name of the scheme is derived from the identity of Charles Ponzi, an individual who became famous for employing the use of this technique in the year 1920. We can then proceed to set the ball rolling for this discussion by narrowng down our analysis to the life and deeds of Lou Pearlman. So we might want to begin this by seeking to answer the question; who is Lou Pearlman? The man who was born in 1954 is a former impresario of popular boys bands. Some of these include; The Backstreet Boys, O-Town and NSYNC. Going by the contents of his autobiography, one gets to realize that this individual began to rub shoulders with fame at a stage so early. His popularity and gain of credentials started as early as high school where he used his influential nature, for instance, to get a ride on a blimp. While still young, he was already business minded or perhaps money minded if you will. This can well explain why he managed to develop an intriguing business plan during his first year at Queens College. His plan was for a class project which was based on the idea of a Helicopter taxi service in New York. By 1970 he already had the business going and hence launched it using one helicopter before liaising with Theodor, a German businessman to get more ideas on the use and operation of blimps (Handy 2007). This venture was then followed by him getting back to America and then establishing a number of airstrips before switching his fascination to the entertainment industry. In the music industry he started as a manager to two bands which performed and sold millions of albums all over the world. The success of this venture with him as the manager instantly made him a music mogul. Perhaps it is due to his extensive touch with money that he constantly was involved in lawsuits where people filed charges against him for a number of reasons. A part from the Ponzi scheme which is actually one of the major reasons as to why he was sentenced to jail for 25 ways, Lou had formerly been involved in a string of criminal activities. He constantly brushed shoulders with the federal government over allegations which ranged from illegal investment activities to other more personal/physical crimes as sexual assault. Perhaps it is because of the many criminal activities that he engaged in and kept escaping convictions that led to his long service when he was finally caught. Apart from one US5 band, all the other music bands with which Lou worked have sued him in the Federal court before. It is interesting that all these cases have always been won by the individuals or parties who filed the cases against him. In some situations, the cases have ended up being settled out of court, perhaps through compensation of the losses incurred or damages caused. At the same time, all these cases have always ended up with an agreement of confidentiality which implies that none of the parties is given room to carry out any detailed discussion of Pearlmans practices. Perhaps this explains why most of his crimes managed to stay underground for a long period of time before he was actually exposed and caught. For instance, the Backstreet Boys band for which he doubled both as a producer and a manager filed a law suit against him posing the feeling that the contract they had with him was unfair (Zuckoff 2005). At the same time, the fellow boys band NSYNC had similar issues against him. His line of criminal activities became so rampant that even a 14 year old Pop star filed a lawsuit against him in 2002. The accuser alleged that Pearlman and his transnational records cheated him out of hundreds of dollars. This matter was later settled out of court but it gave a sure picture of Pearlmans deliberate involvement in a vivid pattern of criminal activity. On top of that he was also involved in some other scandals like the talent scouting scandal. At the same time, he was also sued on allegations of involvement in certain sexual activities which were considered inappropriate and illegal. The above mentioned are just but a few activities that Pearlman involved himself in. However, the one which will form the major part of discussion in this case is his involvement in what has been considered to be one of the largest Ponzi schemes in the United States of America since. In the year 2006, it was discovered that this individual had spearheaded a Ponzi scheme which was not only one of the largest but also the longest running. This already exposes the fact that this scheme involved the flow of numerous amounts of money. According to the obtained statistics, it was concluded that the scheme left over three hundred million dollars in debts (Dunn 2004). After he was caught while on the run, Pearlman pleaded guilty to money laundering, conspiracy as well as the mistake of making false statements during a proceeding on bankruptcy. He was then convicted in the year 2008 after which he was sentenced to serve a 25 years jail term. From the brief introduction of the case above, it is already a fact so evident that the scheme that Pearlman involved himself in had a huge magnitude. This can perhaps be confirmed by looking at the amount of money that was left in debts when the scheme collapsed or rather discovered. Its effects were therefore massive. With that in mind, we shall therefore proceed explore in a detailed manner the beginning, the perpetration and the end of this scheme. Apart from the many things that could have tarnished the image of this individual, it is the Ponzi scheme that would prove to be the major cause of his downfall. In 2006, from the investigations carried out by the legal authorities, it was discovered that he had perpetrated a long running Ponzi scheme. In this scheme, a good number of investors were defrauded. The scheme is argued to have taken a period of about 20 years. During this time, he enticed both individuals as well as banks hence causing them to invest his two companies, The Trans Continental Airlines Travel Inc and The Trans Continental Airlines (Handy 2007). One the things that could well raise eyebrows but perhaps did not is the fact that these compannies only existed on paper. During the period of the perpetration of the crime, Pearlman employed the use of falsified AIG, FDIC and Lloyd of London documents. He used them to win the trust of the investors in what he called the Employee Investment Savings Account program. Furthermore, the financial statements which he used were equally fake. He worked together with a fictitious accounting firm called Cohen and Siegel in order to make these statements. These are the very statements which he then used to secure bank loans. All these were a seemingly smooth flow of activities which not only provided the picture that this investment operation was a successful one but also ensured that it stayed unnoticed for such a long period of time. The main approach which was given to this white collar crime was the conduction of a thorough investigation on some of the pertinent issues in relation to the matter. In 2007, it was announced by the Florida regulations that The Trans Continental Savings program was in actual sense a huge fraud. In connection to that, the state immediately assumed ownership of the company (Liston 2008). The revelation of the conspiracies was unearthed after a series of crackdown and analytic measures were conducted in line with operations of Pearlman and company as a whole. This is the very approach that led to the discovery that he used fake documents and illegal methods to attract investors into his trap. Despite being caught, most of the money which he had collected from people was gone. This was estimated at 95 million dollars. In a bid to solve this problem, Judge Rene Roche of the Orange Country Circuit gave an order to Pearlman together with two of his advocates to return any assets that they had illegally obtained to the state. Such assets included any of those that he had obtained and taken abroad as a result of illegal transactions. While he was trying to run away from the officials, he was arrested in Indonesia on June 14, 2007. He was then indicted by a federal grand jury on the 27th of June the same year. After the indictment, Pearlman was charged with three counts of bank fraud, one count of wire fraud as well as a count of mail fraud. Consequently he was sentenced to a 25 years imprisonment on May 21, 2008. This was after he pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy, making false statement during a bankruptcy proceeding and acts of money laundering. While he was being sentenced, the District Judge gave him a chance to reduce the length of his jail term. The Judge offered to reduce the sentence by one month for every Million dollar which Pearlman would help a trustee to recover. The above given outline therefore shows the detailed circumstances that led to the arrest of Pearlman and his subsequent sentence to a 25 year jail term. It is a fact worth noting that this white collar crime had a massive effect especially on the financial stability of the individuals who were involved in the investment program. As indicated in the statistical results, over $300 million dollars were in debts by the time the fraud was being discovered. Efforts made to recover the money bore no fruits. This is an issue which therefore affected not only the individuals who were involved in it but other companies which were attached to it as well as the state as a whole. Furthermore, records also indicate that an additional $95 million dollars were lost and were never recovered during the perpetration of this crime. This is a loss which equally touched not only the individuals involved but also other parties the whole state. We therefore can estimate the cost of this fraud or rather the loss caused by this crime to about $400 million dollars. This is quite a lofty bunch. In a bid to obtain a solution to this problem, the legal systems employed the use of a number of strategies some of which have briefly been mentioned above. For instance, during the proceedings Pearlman was ordered to bring back to the state every asset he had taken abroad on an illegal basis. At the same time, the offer to reduce his sentence by one month for every one million dollar he helped a bankruptcy trustee to recover was another strategy to draw money from Pearlman back to the state. In addition to that, by the time he was being sentenced, an order was given by the preceding Judge that individual investors were to be paid first before institutions. In other words, the amount of money and the assets which were to be recovered from the Pearlman would to be distributed to the victims. During this distribution, the individual investors would be considered first followed by other companies or institutions which could equally have been victimized in this operation. In conclusion, the information which has been outline above, in line with the main subject of discussion shows the extent to which white collar crimes can be detrimental. The effects of these crimes are not only felt by individual but also by the society as a whole. This is mainly because the criminal activities are usually realized when it is almost too late. This time finds in most cases when large amounts of money have fraudulently disappeared. Efforts to revive such situations barely lead to much good despite the fact that the legal authorities try to employ some of the most effective approaches. Lou Pearlman whose issue on the Ponzi scheme formed the main discussion in this paper is a good example of the many criminals out there who might not have been found yet. They continue to ply their trade under the table and remain unnoticed. However, the fact that Pearlman was an unveiled, arrested and eventually sentenced to such a long period should serve as a good example to the would be perpetrators. As matter of facts, white collar crimes are far much too costly to ignore. Because of that, the war against them and the deserved prosecution of those found guilty should be given a high priority in this bid to fight crime. Buy custom American Law essay

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The Classical World of the Greeks and the Romans Essay

The Classical World of the Greeks and the Romans - Essay Example By doing so, they became what we now know as the cradle of westernization. 1. What does your textbook mean when it says that the Greeks made the transition â€Å"from myth to reason†? The meaning of this was that the Greeks made what seemed to be impossible possible. When the notion of western thought and culture began in the 1500bc, it was later interrupted through the Greek Dark ages about 1100-900 BC. Here, westernization seemed to be a myth, something that would never be true. But again from around 900BC which is identified as the classical period there was a change of events as Greece entered the era which made it glorious, through the use of classical Greece philosophy, western thought and culture was developed. The philosophy based these developments upon the inquiry and reasons pertaining to various disciplines. These included literature, science, technology, law, economics, politics, psychology, art, ethics, etc. the early thinkers such as Thales and Anaximander were the ones who asked questions concerning the area of philosophy and came up with the theories to try to answer such questions. 2. List and briefly explain at least four specific contributions that the Greeks gave to Western Civilization. These contributions should be unique and specific to the Greeks The Greeks have made many contributions which are influential in western civilization. These are; the scientific method of solving the problem which was invented by Socrates, theatre is another contribution. Plays were written and performed to entertain people and also teach them morals and proper ethics. The form or system of government and politics was also a contribution from Greece. In the field of science, they provided knowledge regarding biology, physics, medicine, geology etc. An example being that through astronomy, they calculated the size of both the earth and the sun. And in physics the lever and the pulley were invented. 3. What was the special Greek contribution to politics , and how did this political system work? The historic Greek contribution to politics was the democracy system. It was a direct democracy system where each person had to vote. The democrats were only men as women; children and slaves were considered to be non citizens. The men would vote on what they wanted to be done. The thing or person that received the most votes won. This ensured that no tyrant, king or a single person could just bring in a new law and implement it 4. 4. Who was Alexander the Great? What did he accomplish? Why do you think that people from ancient times down to our own day have been so fascinated by him? Alexander the great was the king of Macedonia and a student of a famous philosopher called Aristotle. He was able to accomplish a lot of things like conquering over 70 cities Persian being one of them., spreading the Greek culture throughout the Persian Empire. He was also known to be a great general and a soldier and to add to that he acquired new colonies and trade routes. Many people are fascinated by him through his actions, and from him being a child till the day he died. For example, when he was 16years his father left him with the power to rule as he went to invade Thrace. He also showed his bravery at the Chaeronea battle and is known to never lose any battles that he went. He was considered to be among the greatest commanders in history and by the young age of thirty, he had created one of the largest empire. 5. Why is Julius Caesar such a

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Pharm assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Pharm - Assignment Example This type of disorder results to hyperglycemia, a state where the body glucose level rises above normal. According to (Derrick, 2010) the past five years researches have been conducted on how to control hyperglycemia in T2DM. He argued, Pharmacotherapeutic agents that were previously used were proving to be inefficient e.g. Sulfonylurea. In the late 2009 a new pharmacotherapeutic agent, Bromocriptine mesylat was approved after a series of research to verify its efficiency. Example of drug that has Bromocriptine mesylat as active ingredient is Parlodel. Bromocriptine lowers the level of glucose concentration in the blood. Researchers had a thought the Pharmacotherapeutic agent uses a mechanism that resets the body’s circadian clock through enhancing dopaminergic. This agent’s dosage is unique from other T2DM dosages. For a start a T2DM patients are advised to take 0.8mg of the drug containing the agent with food once per day, taken along with food it will enhance bioavailability. The dosage should be taken during bedtime. The dose can be increased at a weekly interval. For instance, if a T2DM patient takes a dose of 0.8mg per day this week next he/she can increase it to 1.6mg per day. However, this can only be increased up to a limit of 4.8mg per day (â€Å"Bromocriptine mesylate†, 2009). Increasing the dose will increase the efficiency of the agent in controlling hyperglycemia. Precaution should be taken when using Pharmacotherapeutic agent. A T2DB patient, who is breastfeeding, should not use it because it suppresses lactation process. If you happen to experience uncontrolled high blood pressure, this agent is not advisable for you since this will make it to be inefficient. While using this agent you will experience some side-effects as a result of your body reacting to the introduction of a â€Å"foreign agent†. Some of the side-effects include nausea, vomiting, dizziness, headache, diarrhea, vision, and chest

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Individual Assignment Essay Example for Free

Individual Assignment Essay 1. Introduction Nowadays, as experts are studying further and further about personality, the importance of it in the society and workplaces is highly aware by everyone. The more we know about personalities, the better we can understand why people do the things they do, and how to communicate with them. Knowing about our own personalities, we can improve our styles, reduce stress and conflicts as well as develop positive attitudes in life (punctuality, flexibility, willingness to learn, friendliness†¦) Therefore, through this paper, I will examine deeply in my personalities as a particular example to further understand this matter. Moreover, with the focus on how it affects me in personal and professional development, I can find and improve myself to achieve the best success in my future. 2. Methodology The basic concept of my assignment is the Big Five Personality Model. â€Å"Five basic dimensions underlie all other and encompass most of the variation in human personality† are: * Extraversion: one’s comfort level with relationships. Extraverts get their energy from interacting with others, while introverts get their energy from within themselves. Extraversion includes the traits of energetic, talkative, and assertive while introversion personalities are usually quiet, reserved and shy. * Agreeableness: the extent to which a person is good-natured, helpful, trusting, and cooperative. Traits include being kind, affectionate, cheerful and warm. * Conscientiousness: responsibilities and reliabilities. Conscientious people have self-discipline, well-organized, careful and responsible. * Openness to experiences: creative minds and willingness to learn. People with high level of openness tend to be imaginative, curious, independent and somehow artistic. * Emotional Stability: ability to deal with stress and other tense situations. A person who is very stable emotionally would remain calm in many situations and would feel secure. Bases on this theory, with the help of an online website, I’ve got the result about my personalities according to Big Five Model. With this result, I will be able to evaluate and improve my career as well as my positive personalities. 3. Analysis results: Results: In my opinion, this result is matched 80% with my real personalities. In real life, I can be comfortable with people that I already knew before, especially classmates, parents, siblings†¦ I can do silly things, say lots of random things, and joke freely. However, with strangers, I usually keep a secured distance, be formal and respective as much as possible. Sometimes, in disadvantaged circumstances, I might be shy and stay quiet all the time being with strangers as I don’t want strangers to know too much about myself. That’s why my result in Extroversion is a little above average score (59/100 respectively). Consequently, this will help me find balance in group working, be opened and be quiet when needed. My job performance will be improved along with my social skills. Moreover, in competitive situations, especially facing with rivals, I can keep them from knowing about my strength and weakness; or pretend like I am not a dangerous rival for them. Next, refer to Openness to Experience trait, because I really like original, conventional and unchangeable things so the low score (20/100) is reasonable. I don’t have a variety of interests but only a few one and do it thoroughly with my passion. However, sometimes the closeness in my mind prevents me from create new ideas and stay creative while brainstorming. But it’s true that I am a down-to-earth person as I really hate unclear, misleading, dishonest things/people. I know this attitude sometimes has a bad effect on my career and my personal life since I am not willing to learn new things so my training performance will not be as good as I expect. If I am a leader, I might ignore helpful creative ideas from my teammates. My honest and straight personality also bring me hard times dealing with others although it’s a really worthy trait. However, I believe that the original is always the best basement for my every innovation. It helps me balance a group that contains many open-minded people and keep conventional values of life. This conventional and honest personality might be one of the important reasons leads to my disagreeableness (22/100 of agreeableness). Because I am a little stubborn and hard to be persuaded, sometimes I find the dishonest people, the unclear things or the too-reliable-on-others person really uncomfortable and annoy me. Normally, I am quite kind and lovable; but whenever I am concentrating in doing something, I can easily be irritated by people who try to distract me. My perfection attitude also get me into quarrels as I always find the mistakes in others’ performances and try to fix it for them. Nevertheless, as my friends and teammates stated, the perfectionist inside me really helps them a lot when they complete their tasks. I am easy to be angry and annoyed but it’s always reasonable and related to work issues or problems of the equity. So I think this is not a disadvantage but an advantage for my career and personal life. Besides that, my flexibility in Emotional Stability helps me a lot in dealing with these two weaknesses. Despite easily being irritated by others, I can hold it in and balance my emotions really well. I made decision for tense situations really slowly and calmly. I don’t take it as a pressure or stress but only a problem like other problems everyone needs to face in life. One important reason for the low score is I am truly an optimist, seeing things with believe, happiness and hope. It’s not that I paint my life with pink, but my rational thinking always leads me to better things, not worsen the situations. As a result, my stress level will be reduced a lot, prevent me from being overload with tasks, problems, personal matters†¦ Because I know how to show my expressions and emotions at the right time, to the right person, my social relationships are really good, bring me benefits in both personal and professional life. I can tell that I have only one close best friend; but I have a lot of good friends who are ready to help me anytime I need, thanks to my emotional stability. The last trait is conscientiousness with high score at 83/100. This indicates that I am a well-organized, disciplined and reliable person. I really hate disorganized things and people. I always try to arrange my stuff into a fixed positions and I hate when someone try to change it or make it messy. I usually make plans; review its process regularly and try to finish as perfect as possible. If I am assigned a task, I will try to do it thoroughly and not let anyone complain about my performance, or at least reach the bearable stage. This is applied with not only my personal events but also my working tasks and problems, especially tasks I have a lot of interests in like handicrafts, writing for magazines, reviewing things. In my point of view, this is the most important trait among five traits. My great efforts and responsibilities will bring me more and more knowledge, then contribute to higher level of my job performance, as well as help me organize my life effectively. Not only those but people also trust me and respect me for my enthusiasm, concentration and reliability. Therefore, if I am a leader, I can easily affect and lead my teammates follow my decisions or instructions; also my position, status in the group will be firm and long lasted. 4. Conclusion Lessons learned To summarize, my personalities according to Big Five are quite correct and bearable. The five traits, no matter how high or low, have certain effects on our personal and professional development. It also indicates that everyone has their own personalities and no one is similar to another one. Although this is only a test and might not say everything about oneself, but based on those personalities, we can find the best solutions for our problems, the best way to live and the best career to take. Knowing about personalities, we can try to improve the good side and reduce or fix the bad side of our attitude to improve our living standard, job performance and satisfaction. Moreover, when dealing with relationships in society, we can have a wider view of one person, especially when being a leader joining in group works or assigning suitable tasks.

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Essay --

Rodrigo CÃ ©sar is the cancer that grows within Rodrigo Ferreira. From the sculptural craft based tradition where very little space was left for new ideas and approaches to the mediums used (sand, ice, snow, wood, stone, among others), that Ferreira was involved with for over eleven years; CÃ ©sar lifts the veil and crawls outside into this ‘world’ he didn’t born in but grows in. CÃ ©sar comes to be rupturing with this set of skills and knowledge of Ferreira’s mainly practical past, but as well strong visual ‘media’ based experience, in a constant search for what’s ahead in the distance, passing thru the dark with his arms stretched, palpably towards the uncertain. Currently working in a variety of media, his practice spans into installation, performance, video and sound. With the use of found objects and materials detoured from their route and extracted from a day-to-day context. CÃ ©sar challenges and questions, with the use of juxtaposition and appropriation of the symbols carried within the collected objects, in the shape of a site responsive installation, the logic of a capitalist c... Essay -- Rodrigo CÃ ©sar is the cancer that grows within Rodrigo Ferreira. From the sculptural craft based tradition where very little space was left for new ideas and approaches to the mediums used (sand, ice, snow, wood, stone, among others), that Ferreira was involved with for over eleven years; CÃ ©sar lifts the veil and crawls outside into this ‘world’ he didn’t born in but grows in. CÃ ©sar comes to be rupturing with this set of skills and knowledge of Ferreira’s mainly practical past, but as well strong visual ‘media’ based experience, in a constant search for what’s ahead in the distance, passing thru the dark with his arms stretched, palpably towards the uncertain. Currently working in a variety of media, his practice spans into installation, performance, video and sound. With the use of found objects and materials detoured from their route and extracted from a day-to-day context. CÃ ©sar challenges and questions, with the use of juxtaposition and appropriation of the symbols carried within the collected objects, in the shape of a site responsive installation, the logic of a capitalist c...

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Ways to Keep the the Neighbourhood Clean

Ways to keep your neighborhood clean and green Good morning to†¦. Today, I would like to talk about â€Å"Ways to keep your neighborhood clean and green†. It is important to keep our neighborhood clean and green. There are many ways to do this but they need to be done correctly. Some jobs we can do are to make sure we clean up our garbage and recycle items around the house. I love my community and I do not like to see it littered and dirty. We need to do our best to keep our community looking clean.Everyday, plants and animals become extinct as their habitats are destroyed by human influence. At this rate, our world will become extinct quickly. Picking up trash when people are out in public would greatly help this situation. It is not hard to find a trash can in parks. Making sure people clean up would benefit everyone. If people see trash which is not theirs, they could pick it up themselves knowing they did something to help the world. You can make your neighborhood a c leaner and safer place by organizing a neighborhood cleanup.Another great way to make sure we keep our neighborhood clean and green is to pick up garbage we find in ditches and highway. This purposes is keeping our Earth healthy. Ways to keep the highways clean are being cautious trash is not thrown out of car windows and going outside to clean up the ditch. Always keep a litter bag in your car so you won’t be tempted to toss unwanted trash out the window. Going out once a week to clean up ditch would not only make it look nicer, but also keep the neighborhood healthy. The litter found in ditches can harm our environment.People need to do their best not to pollute. Prevention is an important step, so set a litter-free example for your family, friends, co-workers and neighbors to help keep your community. Each year, each person uses almost a 100-foot tall Douglas Fir Tree in paper and wood products. There is a great importance for recycling to reduce the amount of trees cut do wn. It is not a hard task to separate your recyclable items from trash items. Recycling would save about 75,000 trees. Recycling is a great way to keep your neighborhood clean and green.Besides that, growing trees and other plants in your community is a healthy step toward keeping your neighborhood beautiful. Take part in an effort to plant a tree along residential streets. These ways about are simple jobs which can make a big difference in our world. If everyone does their part, then we will live in a cleaner and greener neighborhood. Doing these can give people the opportunity to make their neighborhood clean and green so get started today in making your neighborhood clean and green. Thank you.